4/30-5/1 Chinatown, Opera House, Harbour Bridge and the Rocks

Yesterday’s itinerary consisted of checking into the hostel and getting all my personal affairs in order…think bank account and setting my phone up. The next item on the list was to check out the area that I was staying in and look for cheap eats. This meant diving into Sydney’s Chinatown. It was pretty cool checking it out…felt just like home! Many Asian eats (duh!) and an Asian Market that reminded me a lot of Crystal Mall, named Market City. However, I found the streets to be extremely confusing. You see, Sydney does not run on a grid system and so many times, one street leads into another. This created a frustrating situation as I was attempting to consult my map and find places, such as a supermarket. It took forever but I eventually found it. Jet lag hit hard as by the time 530 pm rolled around..bed time looked extremely enticing. I was able to hold off until 8…unfortunately, as I was still running on Vancouver’s time..it meant that I woke up around 5am…extremely awake.

The day was started off with my first run and espresso in Australia at an awesome little cafe downtown called workshop cafe. For all you baristas, you’d be as impressed as I was in discovering that that cafe ran two Spirit bars. Refer to exhibit a.


Exhibit A

The Opera House and Harbour Bridge were next on my “to see” list. I discovered a free shuttle that would take me from the hostel I was staying at to Circular Quay. The Quay is where you can see both the Opera House and the bridge. Seeing the Quay and the view it had to offer literally took my breath away. It helped that it was a gorgeous day and that just highlighted the beauty of the sight that I was seeing. The area around the Opera House also appeared to be an extremely popular go to for runners. I can see why as running there would be pretty amazing. I wandered into the Opera House and was extremely tempted into purchasing a ticket for Lauryn Hill I mean…the queen of hip hop performing in the Opera House. I’d love to see that. The crux– she performs at the end of May and I don’t know if I want to be in Sydney for a month…I didn’t want to be tied down into having to be here for a month if it turned out that I wanted to move on. We’ll see what happens…


Dora the Asian Explorer (as my brother so lovingly refers to me) at the Opera House.


From there, I walked to the other side of the quay and checked out The Museum of Contemporary Arts. It was exactly everything I envisioned it to be. The exhibition that they had on was called “You Imagine What you Desire” and it is part of the 19th Biennale of Sydney. It is a definite go to place for modern art buffs. The exhibit featured many Australian artist and was in some ways very abstract. Definitely a cool experience, it was also free to get into which was a definite bonus. The Museum of Contemporary Arts is usually only open until 5pm with the exception of Thursday, it’s open until 10-their so called late nights.




Following the tour of the art museum, I went and checked out the Rocks. The best way to describe the Rocks would be that it is very much like Vancouver’s Gastown. It is home to many cafes and restaurants. Much Australian history can be found here as well as I found out while visiting The Rocks Discovery Museum. Also another free venue, one in which you are able to take a step into the past and learn about how the Rocks came to be…from the early 1700s to the present. It was a bit on the drier side for me, but also very informative.


I ended the day off with a bit of dinner and a walking tour of the Rocks in the evening. The walking tour was great because it took me to spots that I never would have seeked out had I been on my own. It gave a very full view of the Rocks and you were given a few back stories to certain locations.

Day 2 was extremely jam packed with many sights. Definitely saw everything I wanted to see and more. For now, at the very late late time of 1016pm, I am calling it a night. Tune in for the next adventure!



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