Free Wifi means….Another update! SO SOON TOO :D

FREE WIFI! It’s amazing. It really is….honestly. The one thing I’ll never take for granted again. Wifi. Anyone reading this post, who hasn’t been following my struggles with wifi, may think I’m slightly crazy. Maybe I am, but trust me…you’d think it’d be so damn easy to get wifi. Anywhere and everywhere. Well my really isn’t. Although I must admit, it hasn’t been too bad going without. It only becomes a hassle when I need to have a Skype date or when I need to update this blog. Yes, be shocked…Im updating again. SO SOON! Miracles do happen, don’t they?! ;D


So a couple of days ago..I checked out Cockatoo Island.


Not entirely sure what the deal was with the Google billboard. I suspect it was a part of the artwork. Provided you were interested, you were able to board a train that took you though the billboard to the other side of the island. Definitely an experience.

It was about a 30 minute ferry ride from Circular Quay and the ride was kind of cool. I travelled under the Harbour Bridge and that was neat. The island itself was super eerie. So we’ve all heard that Australia was known as the convict island- all criminals from the UK were sent there as a form of punishment. Well…if that was the case then Cockatoo Island was a real special place. Back in the day, it used to house convicts off of Australia…so the real bad asses of the island. It eventually became industrial, and was the location in which ships, amongst other things, was built. As a result of this, the island housed a lot of industrial equipment and still does to this day. The day reminded me a lot like one of Vancouver’s rainy, casted over infamous Raincouver days. As I wandered around, I found that there were some locations in which I was completely alone. It was the combination of those 3 factors that made Cockatoo Island eerie. I have heard from fellow backpackers that the island appears extremely different depending on the weather. I suppose I was lucky enough to catch it on a creepy day.

The island was a great resource for history regarding Australia’s industrial past, as well as their role in WWII. If that’s the sort of thing that you’re into, then you should definitely check it out. The island was also home to the 19th Biennale of Sydney-one of the many locations the exhibit is being showcased in. It was an interesting experience..I was walking around this creepy island taking in both the history and the art. I can’t say I’d be back to check out Cockatoo. Once was enough.


The Biennale at Cockatoo Island.

Two hours was long enough and so I decided it was time to leave. The initial plan was to check out Darling Harbour..but plans always have a way of changing…and so instead I checked out Newtown. Nothing super crazy special about the place. It was very close to the University of Sydney and so I saw many students. It was very much like a university town in which there were not only students but a lot of restaurants and cafés catering to the student budget. Awesome for backpackers, such as myself.


Welcome to Newtown.

I finished my day off at the climbing gym located at the University of Sydney. A rather small gym, but it had many difficult problems-all set by the same route setter as Northern Beaches Rockhouse…the second gym I went to.





The following day was laundry day. I was a little shell shocked at how much doing my laundry would cost. $4/wash $4/dry and $2/detergent purchased at the hostel reception..a serving good for one wash. So here’s what I did. $4 to wash it, $4 for a 1.5L detergent and $0 to dry…refer to picture below:


I’ve decided to make my laundry days, my ‘chill’ days. The rest of the day was spent exploring the inner workings of Surry Hills and engaging in a few Skype dates.

I continued my exploration of Sydney by checking out both the Glebe and Paddington Markets. Saturdays are known to be market days and so I decided to go market hopping. Glebe had a bohemian feel to it with many booths selling both vintage and new clothing, while other booths sold jewellery. The booths at Paddington sold handcrafted jewellery, as well as other goods. It was also another chill day. From the Paddington market, I explored Paddington city, as well as Oxford street and walked the entire length of it to Central. It was quite the in which I was better able to explore both areas.

IMG_3206 IMG_3199

Today was also the day that some decisions and commitments needed to be made. My week long bus pass had since expired yesterday and I had to decide on whether or not I would get another one. Getting another one tied me down to staying in Sydney for another week..something I wasn’t initially thrilled about. My hostel stay at Bounce also ends tomorrow. This meant that if I were to stay longer, I’d have to book another hostel…soon. I thought it through some more and realized that there were still a few things that I wanted to check out before leaving. More importantly..I realized that I still had plenty of time left as I was travelling for the year. So what if I stayed for another week..I’d just end up getting to know Sydney more. The plan thus far is to check out the remainder of the things on my ‘to do’ list and fly out of Sydney to Brisbane this Friday. I have since made a reservation at a hostel located within Surry Hills and will need to start looking at flights to Brisbane…

For now..Im just another traveller looking into the world of Sydney.


Chronicling my adventures thus far with my favourite companion…long black 🙂



2 thoughts on “Free Wifi means….Another update! SO SOON TOO :D

  1. Cousin! I am totally digging your posts ^^ the song you posted earlier is so fitting too for background music while I’m catching up through your blog. Love everything you’re posting (=

    1. celina says:

      Thanks! 😀 Glad you’re enjoying the posts. Living vicariously through me I suppose? haha You’ll be on your own journey soon enough 🙂 and I look forward to hearing about it.

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