Steady My Bones- Winterbourne

Do yourself a favour and take 5 minutes out of your day to listen to this song. You know those songs that forever hold a special place in your heart? Yeah well…this is it for me. I had just finished the 3 hour walking tour of Sydney and had decided to wander around the heart of Sydney’s CBD (central business district). I was attempting a short cut through Pitt Mall when I came across these guys. For two dudes, they had attracted quite the following. This was the second song that they performed and for whatever reason it really resonated with me. The so called short cut that I had attempted to take was most definitely not a short cut. But that’s the whole point of exploring and venturing out- you may end up finding something amazing. Something special. Whenever I hear this song, it always takes me back to that moment when I was standing in awe and listening. It’s like a snapshot of a particular moment. It’ll forever remind me of Australia.


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