Living to Eat!: Darling Harbour Evening Edition. Aussie Meet & Greet. Luna Park. Foodie Adventures and the Next Destination.

I’ve only been travelling for about two weeks and yet I am constantly humbled and pleasantly surprised by the generosity of others.

My expectations for the last night at Bounce were for it to be low key. A night in sounded pretty good to me. Instead, what happened was that I met another fellow traveller—Young— and we, along with her friend Daniel, had dinner together and explored Darling Harbour. Keeping in mind that I had randomly met her at the common area as she was attempting to update her resumé. We started talking and the next thing I knew, I had plans for the evening. The plan was to go out to Darling Harbour to see the fire works.

As it turns out, we never made it to the fireworks—even though we were running madly from Town Hall to Darling—but that’s okay. What I’ve learned while travelling solo is that it isn’t necessarily about the destination, but about the journey along the way that really counts. Young really epitomized this point for me.

We ended up missing the fireworks as she and Daniel were making dinner and were hoping to have some before leaving. They ended up including me in their meal—after only having met me a couple of hours beforehand. In the last couple of years, I’ve had many experiences that made me question a lot of everything. Plain human kindness included—call me jaded. Young showed me that being kind isn’t a thing of the past. It is still very much present… you may have to dig a little deeper to find it sometimes.


Indian curry with chicken and wraps. The dinner that Young and Daniel made. Both whom generously shared with me. 

Young was a truly lovely individual that I had the pleasure of meeting—Young, if you’re reading this, thank you for your generosity.

Darling Harbour was really quite something. I haven’t been in the day, but at becomes somewhat of an entertainment district. Many restaurants, upscale bars and clubs could be found, as well as many street acts. Young, Daniel and I were able to catch two acts. Both were really quite good. My evening ended earlier than both of theirs as I felt the draw of sleep close in on me. I spent one evening with two individuals who were in many ways, strangers, but in other ways..friends. We had only met a couple of hours beforehand and really didn’t know too much about each other..but we bonded over our love for adventure and travel, all in one evening.



Young and I. Easiest way she tried getting me to remember her name…” me” ;D


One of the two street acts we saw. He was a breakdancer from Japan.

On Mother’s Day, I met up with a few of my Aussie relatives and again was humbled and astonished by their generosity.

I had met both Joyce and Abbey via Facebook through my cousin’s wife. We had planned to meet up for brunch and a walk around Milsons Point, Luna Park and one of the weekend markets. Upon meeting them, I was welcomed with open arms. I didn’t know what to expect, as I have never met distant relatives with whom I’ve met online before. As it turned out, I didn’t have to worry about a thing—if I had any worries at all that is. Both Abbey and Joyce were kind enough to take me out for brunch and to extend a warm welcome to Australia. To both of you..thank you for welcoming me with open arms. It was humbling to know that people who didn’t know me would be willing to take me under their wing.


At the entrance to Luna Park with Abbey.


Another shot, this time with Joyce.



Family really is thicker than water. Spending the morning and early afternoon with both Joyce and Abbey really, truly highlighted that fact for me. I’ve always been told that family is important and that they ‘ll always be there for me. In many ways, I don’t think I truly heard what people were trying to tell me. Being away from everyone, has given me a greater appreciation for what many have been trying to communicate to me. Meeting both Joyce and Abbey in person really compounded that fact even more. I truly am extremely lucky to have the family that I have. We may be crazy at times, we may have disagreements and we may not see eye to eye. But at the end of the day, I’ll always know that they’ll be in my corner.

I finally also had one evening in which I allowed my foodie self to emerge…and boy did it emerge in a big way. I had just finished Skyping my girls (shout out to Kayla and two are amazing and I really miss you. So glad we were finally able to “see” each other 😛 Love you you two :)) and decided that dinner was needed. The night before, I had made this mouthwatering tomato and pasta dish..but wasn’t quite feeling it again. So the executive decision was made to go for some Malaysian food. Joyce had given me some local insight into some of the delicious and cheap eats around town.

Mamak was an extremely popular Malaysian restaurant known for their roti. It was about 6 and there was already a massive line up. I debated whether or not to wait and decided…hell when in as the Romans do…in this case…when in Australia…do as the Aussies do.




The crazy line up at Mamak. It was well worth the wait. At $21.50 for the meal, I was quite full and happy. The foodie in me was satisfied…for now.


They were making fresh roti by the window…I could feel my stomach drop another notch.


Roti Cani. It was amazing….hot..fluffy and fresh deliciousness.


Me Goreng, almost like Phad Thai. For anyone who knows know how much I love Phad Thai 😀

I also had a Malaysian iced tea as well. It was delicious and reminded me of a Chinese style milk tea.

The meal of course would not be complete without some dessert. I walked to the shop right next to Mamak and indulged in a Herbal dessert with Taro balls. It was essentially ice with herbal jelly and glutinous rice balls. A taste of paradise that reminded me of home.



Ah yes, it all really was a taste of heaven. My inner foodie Asian came out that night. When it comes to food, I have absolutely no regrets in indulging. Go big or go home, right? If you know a thing or two about me, you’d know that I live to eat. For now, I’ll be back to my home made dinners.


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