I Bid You Farewell, Australia. Adieu.

It’s been a crazy 24 hours. Yesterday I booked my ticket to get from Coffs Harbour to Byron Bay and figured that I’d get my Greyhound hop on hop off from Byron to Cairns. As I was figuring all this out, I realized that I was uneasy with spending so much money and having it tied down to one method of transportation for Australia. At the time, I didn’t understand where this unease was coming from and dismissed it as me being a commitment phobe. If I were to get the hop on hop off pass, it meant that I was tied down to the East Coast. That was what I wanted, wasn’t it?

I recently spoke to a really close friend of mine, Wesley, and it’s down right scary how well he knows me. He asked me…”Do you think that Sydney is almost another western city and maybe that’s why you’re kinda bored?” I read it and realized that that was exactly it. I realized in that instant…that as beautiful as Australia was, and as amazing as the beaches, scenery and it’s nature was….it reminded me too much of home. The culture, mannerisms and lifestyles were exactly the same as home. If not exactly the same, it came pretty damn close. I was craving something entirely new and different. I didn’t want something so similar to home. We spoke for a while and as I was speaking to him, he consistently reaffirmed my thoughts on why I wasn’t excited about travelling up the East Coast. It was also in that instance that I realized I was actually feeling extremely excited at the prospect of being somewhere so different. It was the excitement that I’ve never felt while travelling Australia….the excitement that I was looking for. Wesley encouraged me to go outside of my comfort zone and to explore something entirely new and different.

In my time travelling solo, I’ve had many conversations with many different people and there were some conversations that really stayed with me. Although we were in different countries, in different time zones…this conversation that I had with Wesley was one of those moments. Shout out to ya, Wesley. Thank you. I really did get more than I bargained for when we met in our victimology course. Har har, all good of course ;D


Momma T would be proud. Thanks Little T ;D

I’ve since thought out my travel plans from June to the end of August. Im currently headed to Byron Bay from Coffs Harbour and from there, I expect to head to Brisbane—to explore around a bit—but for the most part, Im headed to Brisbane to fly out to Bali. From Bali, I am looking at heading to Malaysia/Singapore, Laos, China and the Philipines. There are a few destinations that I may not actually head to. The Philipines is one such location. The plan is to fly out of either China or the Philipines back into Australia and land in Melbourne for work.

The backpacker’s life is always one that is inevitably changing. I’ve never been one to be extremely laid back and to go with the flow…but through this experience, that’s exactly what Im learning to do—to go with the flow.


2 thoughts on “I Bid You Farewell, Australia. Adieu.

    1. celina says:

      Yeah I know! It’s a massive change in plans from what I was expecting. I realized that prior to getting to Australia..I had no idea of what I wanted out of my travelling. Upon arriving in Australia..I realized that I wanted to experience culture from somewhere that was entirely different from home. It also somehow escaped my mind that Australia is a party country-something I myself am not interested in at the moment. It’s taking a lot of planning though! Wish I thought this through more throughly back home, so I could’ve planned it at home! All good. Im in Byron now and will be doing that here. I love Byron by the way..it’s amazing 🙂

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