Going With the Flow. Onwards to the Next Adventure.

I’ve spent close to a week at Byron Bay now and I can easily say that Byron Bay will always have a special place in my heart. I don’t know what it is about the place..but it held some kind of magic. To be completely honest, there isn’t a whole lot to do in Byron Bay except to chill and take it easy. I spent the week first trying to figure out what I wanted to do, as you’ll recall in my last post…I decided not to go up the Australian East Coast. That isn’t to say that I won’t ever check out certain locations, such as Cairns. What it means is that I do not want the backpacking experience up the coast.


Day 1 at Byron Bay’s main beach.

In the week following that decision, a lot of my time was spent taking it super easy and attempting to figure out what I wanted. Every day in Byron Bay consisted of me waking up-whenever-having a delicious, free, hot, breakfast consisting of pancakes, going for a beach run at Tallow Beach and heading into town…to either chill at a café or go to the main beach. Hard life eh?


Tallow Beach at dusk.

I do have to admit that it took some time to get used to. In Sydney, I found that I did something everyday..everyday was always full and I always felt as if I had to do something. In Byron Bay, I truly learned to appreciate how to slow down and take it easy.


Byron Bay. Main Beach.



I used this week to really focus on what it was that I wanted-what it was that I was looking for. As I may have mentioned before..Australia is beautiful..it really is..but it isn’t what Im looking for in terms of my travels and my experiences this year. Prior to Australia..I had no idea as to what I was looking for. This week helped clear that up for me and if asked what it was that I was seeking…I can give a full and complete answer.

To me, travelling meant exploring a completely new and different culture. Something that you are not used to…an experience that pushes your limits and places you in an environment that may or may not be in your comfort zone. Travelling is meant to challenge you and what you know. It’s meant to help you grow and learn, both about yourself and about the world at large. We sometimes forget that the world is a much larger place than where we live. What better way to really experience it than through travelling?

I’ve since decided to head back in land and will be leaving Byron Bay for the overnight train to Sydney. I arrive at Sydney on Tuesday morning and expect to stay there until Thursday. From there, I’ll be taking a flight to Melbourne and expect to be working and exploring Melbourne until about October/November. South East Asia will be my next destination after Melbourne..at the present moment, I am unsure of where I would like to go to first.

It’s funny when I tell other backpackers my plan. A great majority of them are fascinated with my plan. A lot of it has to do with the fact that once you’re around Byron Bay, you normally continue up North until you hit Cairns. Not many people head South, especially since Australia is entering it’s winter season. I do have to admit that I thought I was crazy for heading back to Melbourne..especially since it’s a nice and warm 25C here in Byron, with sunshine everyday. In Melbourne, it hits about 19C and has many days in which it is cloudy. All good, as it’ll be hot and sunny in Asia.

Everything has happened rather quickly, and I now have a potential job in Melbourne. I reached out to a local café to see if they needed a barista and they responded rather quickly. I will be going in for a chat and a trial session this Thursday and will see what will happen from there. My plan in Melbourne is to get a café job, hopefully my own place, find a climbing gym, check out the local scene and eventually purchase a bike and acoustic guitar.

Most definitely a change of plans from what I had thought out while in Canada. That’s the beauty of travelling though. If you don’t like it..you leave it. I’ve also had much more of an appreciation for living out of my backpack. In some ways, it’s comforting knowing that you really do not need a lot and that at any given moment, you can pack your bags and leave. It’s commitment free-something Im craving right now.

We’ll see what happens in the next couple of weeks, but as it is..my plans have been changed slightly-something Im embracing. I have since connected with a few friends from Melbourne and will hopefully have a few visitors from home *cough Kayla cough* 😀
A month in and it’s already been a strange, unexpected and interesting journey. I look forward to what the rest of the year may bring.

Onwards to the next adventure!


5 thoughts on “Going With the Flow. Onwards to the Next Adventure.

  1. Veronica says:

    So excited for you!! Kels and I went for dinner the other night and we were talking about how much we miss you. Enjoy these next few days and relax – you totally deserve it! Good luck with the trial shift!!!

    1. celina says:

      Awww thanks. You two are the best 🙂 Missing you guys too. Hopefully see you down under..maybe? lol Definitely taking it easy…figured I’d be at it again once I land in Melbourne. Fingers crossed that it pans out on Thursday! 😀

  2. Veronica says:

    The wedding is off dude….. so, my plans have changed. I may go down to visit her, but waiting on a few things before any decisions are made. I will definitely keep ya posted!

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