Look Ma, Im Homeless for the Night…

So it really isn’t as bad as it sounds….Im just living that backpacker life.

But before we get there….a short update on Sydney. I took the train from Byron Bay to Sydney and in total, the trip took 13 hours. 2 more and I would’ve been back home. The ride itself didn’t feel too long- I slept for the most part..although it wasn’t the most restful sleep. Arrived at Sydney Central, bright and early at around 8am. I returned back to Sydney as Vivid Sydney was on and I wanted to check it out. I figured that I may as well seeing as I was headed in that direction anyways.

I was hoping that with a bit of time and some distance away from Sydney, I’d be able to give it another shot and see if I could end up liking Australia’s most known city. No dice. It was odd, as when I touched down into the city, I realized that it somehow felt like home. Even though I didn’t like being there so many weeks back. However, the moment I checked into my hostel and started wandering around, the sentiments that I held for the city a few weeks back came rushing back. Unfortunately, time and space didn’t help and Im still left with a dislike for the city.

Vivid Sydney was pretty awesome. As is described on the site, it is a festival of lights, music and ideas. It is a big deal in Sydney and the only reason I came back after being up the coast.






I can’t say I did too much in the two days I was there. Revisited Mamak before Vivid and met up with Ali, a friend from Coffs. We went to Paramount, in the morning, on the day I was scheduled to leave. Two rather chill days, and yet..they were rough. It may have been the combination of being in a city I didn’t like and being extremely tired. Whatever the combination..it wasn’t working out for me. Im so glad Im leaving…

Cheerios Ali! The send off that we never got to do at Coffs. One last connection before we part ways. See you in England!

Now..to the good part. My flight to Melbourne was at 7am and I figured that there wasn’t much point in staying at a hostel, as I would only really be sleeping for a couple of hours. I decided that my best option was to hold my luggage in storage for the day and keep it there until I was forced to take it. At this hostel..that was 11pm. No problem. I could just make my way from the hostel to Sydney Domestic and stay the night at the airport. I’ve done it before, easy. What I didn’t realize was that this particular airport wasn’t open 24 hours. I realized that after I got off my train and walked up the stairs. The airport closed at 11pm and reopened at 3am. That didn’t leave me with a whole lot of options as there really was no point in going back to the hostel..even if I wanted to, I had no way back as the trains were all connected via the airport and by this point, the doors to the airport were all locked. Next best option? Bunker down and sleep outside.

VIP accommodations for the night.

I didn’t actually fall asleep, not that I expected to. For the most part, it was extremely quiet..and yes, I was the only traveller there. It unfortunately, was also extremely chilly and I ended up doubling up on my socks and wearing a thick wool pair. I felt like I was back in Vancouver! Keep in mind that I just came down the coast..from Byron Bay. A nice 25C. So what exactly did I get myself into..going to Melbourne. Cold weather..eek!

ImageToque, check. Wool socks, check. Jeans, check.

It was hard to believe that I was really in Sydney, it was freezing cold!

If you follow me on instagram (@cewina), you’d have seen a similar post to this:
if I was doing the 100 days of happiness challenge, this would be day x. I’m happy and grateful for a roof over my head at home and the knowledge that I have a room to call my own..somewhere safe and always warm. A valuable lesson was also learnt…always check to see that the airport is open 24 hours! Seems simple enough doesn’t it? For now, I finally made it to my gate and have checked in both myself and my luggage..thankfully.

All in all, it’s been a long 48 hours. I cannot wait to get out of Sydney and am hoping for a better turn in my travels and plans in Melbourne. It’s been a trying month, to a fresh start in Melbourne.


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