I Left My Heart in Melbourne

Where to begin….I’ve been in Melbourne for close to a week now and Im loving the city. Every day, I find that I fall more and more in love with the culture capital of Australia. It was everything I expected it to be- culture, art and music. Yes, it can be seen as JUST another city…but in many ways..it’s also extremely different. The first thing I fell in love with were the lane ways. You can find many cafés and boutiques here. It just has a really cool vibe overall. Im told that it is very much like many of the lane ways that you find in the UK.

Unlike Sydney, I really took my time getting out and around. My main priority was to first get a job, as I had expected to work in Melbourne until about October/November and then head to SE Asia. I had a few trials (interviews) and was basically hired when the offer was taken back. I must admit that it was an extremely frustrating experience and I really had to bite my tongue, in the spirit of trying to remain gracious and humble. It was a small bump in the road, but it all ended up alright. I finished the day on a better note, by attending the Ellie Goulding concert- a spontaneous ticket buy the night before.




Being a huge fan girl. Concert Tee. Check

Since arriving here, I’ve finally found a really cool climbing gym in The Lactic Factory, located out in Abbortsford. Checking out the food scene was a must, as the foodie in me was starting to demand a bit of attention. Melbourne is excellent for the amount of cafés and diverse foods it contains. Walking down one street is a challenge in itself, as I would have to consciously make an effort to not enter the establishment.


At Proud Mary. It was absolutely amazing.


Daily dose of caffeination. A Brazilian Bela Vista. Super tasty.


Gaining food babies with D 

In the disappointment that followed with the trials, I realized that I was not ready to work yet and that my heart still yearned to travel. I’ve recently also realized that I really enjoy backpacking..I’ve gotten used to the hostel life and the fact that you have absolutely no privacy. It isn’t for everyone, as Debbi can attest to ;D (shout out to ya <3) Backpacking, more specifically, travelling solo can really test you. You can end up feeling on top of the world and feel as low as possible..all in the span of one day. All emotions that I have experienced. It isn’t for the faint of heart, yet if you’re up for a challenge, it is something I believe that everyone should do.

Anyways..back to traveling. I have decided that since I am not ready to work yet and since my heart still yearned to travel…I would head to Cairns (for the Great Barrier Reef) at the end of this month, with the intention of launching myself into SE Asia. Im looking at being there in early July and backpack Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos for 3-4 months. As of now..I foresee a lot of chilling out in Melbourne and just checking out the local scene.


I don’t know where I’ll be at the end of it. I don’t know if I’ll head back to Melbourne for a job or if I’ll end up heading to an entirely new destination altogether…or if I’ll end back home. All I know for sure is that Im making every moment count.



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