Time Stops For Nothing and For No One

I remember having so many people tell me to really enjoy myself, as the time would fly by. The first month was tough..it was a transition phase in which there were many ups and downs and so no…I couldn’t see how time would fly by quickly. Time seemed to drag. Fast forward, a month and Im already in my second week in Melbourne. I had to stop myself the other day and marvel at how time was flying by so quickly. Didn’t I just get to Melbourne? What have I been doing? How is it week two already?!

I’ll meet you under the clocks. Flinders Street Station; the view that greets me everyday as I leave my hostel.

This second week brought with it many more experiences and interactions with many different people. I finally had my first experience with staying at an….interesting hostel. By interesting I really mean..not so great. Think…filthy washrooms, kitchen, rooms, smoking in the hostel and a mattress that looked suspiciously like it had been stained with someone’s period. I lasted a night and decided that saving the $3 wasn’t worth it, and hustled my way back to the first hostel. Im sure that others may have had worst hostel experiences, however, keep in mind that I am using Australian standards. An interesting experience none the less-not one I regretted. Rather, it made me even more insightful into how fortunate I am.

As I’ve alluded to in my last post, I’ve really been taking my time here. Unlike my last few destinations, I haven’t had every day planned and Im finding that many of my days are spent wandering around the city, frequenting different cafés and visiting the local climbing gym, all accompanied with a run to either begin or end my day. A day was also spent at the Werribee Gorge for some outdoor climbing. It was freezing cold and I didn’t enjoy it to the full extent that I know I could have, due to the temperature. All good, as I just wanted to be able to experience the outdoor climbing scene in Oz.Image


The view from the Werribee Gorge. Yes, climbing outdoors finally happened.

Grandma Shibuya and I continued our wanderings of the city and ended up checking many different suburbs, notably Fitzroy, North Cote, Southbanks, Collingwood, Smith & St. Kilda to name a few.


Grandma Shibuya rocking that red cardigan old school ;D


All aboard the St. Kilda tram!

Don’t get me wrong, I have been seeing all aspects of the city, however, I realized that Im starting to get slightly antsy. I think that stems from the fact that I feel as if I am ready to move on to the next destination.

Chinatown. Melbin style.


Street artist at work in Hosier Lane.

Why stay then? Simple.

As my SE Asian plans were rather spontaneous and unplanned, I was not vaccinated back in Canada. As of now, Im waiting for the remainder of my vaccinations. Unfortunately, that means having to wait as the rabies shot needs three doses, which means I need at least 21 days to complete the full cycle. I have about two more weeks left and am looking to head to Cairns around the 26th or to fly directly into Bali. It remains to be seen.

Mid run selfie along South Bank 😛


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