That Dirtbag Climber Life. But First..The Basics.

At long last, we were finally on our way to living our passions and dreams- becoming a dirtbag climber, and living out of a vehicle, as a means of living and transporting ourselves, from one location to the next on a cheap budget. What this meant: being vagabond and moving from one crag to another.

I’ve talked about travelling extensively, however, one thing I never really discussed, was being on a climbing road trip. What with, being a passionate climber and having a love for travelling, you’d think I would figure this out sooner. Better late than never, right? In the end, these dreams were set in motion, as we finally found a van and commenced on the van revamp.

The van that was purchased, a ’97 GMC burgundy safari, was gutted out one Sunday afternoon…and thus the revamping began.

Before: Laura, looking fairly ecstatic prior to gutting the van out.

Van gutted`
After: A fresh slate

The challenge? Finding a home for the seats, as Laura wanted to keep a set so that it could be reinstalled, when the need arose.

I must admit, I didn’t help nearly as much as I had intended to, with the van revamping process. (In my defence, I was in a weekend RMT course when she decided to work on the van). Laura basically built the bed and storage space, on her own in a couple of weekends. She must have a ton of experience right? Nope. This was purely an experiment. The first step? Taking in the measurements and heading to Home Depot…

Didn’t know I had a hidden talent for drawing huh? Well, you got me…I don’t.

Photographic evidence that I helped! Kinda…

The next step? Having it all come together. The experiment took a life of it’s own, as soon as Laura started. As she described the process, it was an incredibly involved one, in which a lot of work was involved. It was, however, fun.

The beginning of something beautiful

Baby steps. Van revamp in progress…

And….a couple of weekends later, another stop over at Home Depot, a stop at Canadian Tire and one at Ikea….the van renovation was completed.

Bed frame and storage space

Remember the challenge we had…of finding a home for the seats? Well, see the hinge on the bed frame? The idea was to bring one part of the frame up, and convert it into a futon; with one set of van seats reattached to the van, in the event that we end up having other climbers with us!

End product

What now?
We test drive the baby! The plan now is to head to Skaha, on a mini climbing road trip this weekend, to work out the kinks before our longer trip down south. Hopefully, all goes well and we’ll more or less be set for the “big” trip at the end of May.

It’s finally happening!


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