Pursuing that Dream

Reflections. Just like that, one year has come and gone. Last year, international travel was the name of the game. Met Australia and Indonesia. Fell in love with Melbourne. This year, the adventure is closer to home: down the coast, living outta ’97 GMC Safari. Time minus five days (Reposted from Instagram @celinash__)

I distinctly remember dreaming of this trip. It happened when I first met Laura. We had met at a climbing gym via good friend, Nat. One thing led to another and we found ourselves discussing our passion for climbing and what that entailed. Travelling and climbing has always been my first priority. Prior to leaving for Australia, I decided to bring up the  possibility of taking on such an adventure when I was back. As predicted, Laura was all for the idea. We stayed in touch while I was in Australia and talked about partaking on our dream adventure shortly after I arrived home.

Laura’s idea- to purchase a used Honda Element and convert it, camper style. Laura’s inspiration for this: professional, female climber and base jumper Steph Davis (Check out her site! Her story is pretty inspiring: http://www.highinfatuation.com)

My idea- anything that was convertible, reliable and that could undertake such a journey.

A year and many changes later, here we are. Four days away from an adventure that was planned and discussed half a world away-a solid year ago.

What do you take on such a journey? Why the essentials of course!
Aeropress and Porlex Hand Grinder.
Who says camp coffee has to be shitty?? Also, because the last thing you want is a caffeine deprived, coffee connoisseur as a climber partner. I admit, Im one of those….don’t-speak-to-me types first thing in the morning unless I’ve had at least, AT LEAST one cuppa joe. Laura concurs with this statement, she’s had the unfortunate task of being around me whilst driving up to Squamish early. 

Gear, gear and more gear. This…isssss a climbing trip right?? Am I right??

Clothes. Guide Books, Books. Journal.
Psssttttt…I have a confession….I packed my clothes about a week before the lift off date. Yes. One whole week beforehand. I really was that excited. But in my defence, it was really because I had done a rather large load of laundry, and just didn’t want to be bothered by doing another one, a few days before.

Maps. Of both the Western States/Provinces and San Francisco (attained last year).

Bette. The big burgundy van. Cause we need to be able to transport ourselves from crag to crag ;D

How different one year can change from the next. Last year, I was packing to live out of my backpack for a year. This year, Im packing so that I can experience both passions all in one neat package:

1) Climb my heart out
2) Travel while living out of a van.

Just trying to live this life with an adventurous spirit. After all, as actress Mae West put it “you only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”

Stick around! The adventure is about to begin…


Me (in the red pants!)


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