Portland. Smith Rocks. In the Rearview. San Francisco. Bishop. Ahead.

Two years later, everything has changed. No longer one of those fresh faced and relatively inexperienced outdoor climbers, we were seasoned and looking to test our mental and physical strengths. Looking at how far both Laura and I have come, we’ve come to the conclusion that Smith Rocks v. 2.0 was a huge success. Two years ago, we were both climbing relatively easy routes. This time around, we were pushing our boundaries and comfort levels far beyond anything either of us thought we’d be willing or able to do. It’s incredible to see the progress made. The end of our visit at Smith was eventful in it’s own right, as I ended the trip with a surprise fall off one of our last routes and smashed my already sad, ACL torn knee into the wall. The result? We ended our last day prematurely. Circumstances after the fall forced our hand otherwise. As we say good bye to Smith Rocks again, we greet San Francisco and Bishop with open arms.
 It’s been a blast, Smith. See you soon. 
The end of Smith meant a gruelling 12+ hours of driving from Oregon to California via the Pacific Coast Highway. It originally would have been an 8 hour drive had we decided to drive the I-5 through central Oregon into central California….but part of the adventure is seeing beautiful places. So the obvious choice was to drive an additional 4 hours to hit the Red Wood National Forest and the Pacific Coast Highway. Regrets? None. An additional 4 hours of driving was worth the natural beauty encountered. Last minute changes, the following day with our driving plans and we were headed down the 101 towards San Fran. This meant we were able to cross the Napa Valley! Seeing the lush green vineyards was just as incredible as crossing the Pacific Coast Highway. It’s been one hell of an adventure thus far. For now, we arrive in San Francisco to do a bit of exploration, café hopping and to launch off from there to head to Bishop- our next climbing destination.
 Destination California  
  Memories of Australia. Shot along the Pacific Coast Highway. 

Along the Pacific Coast Highway 
We’re here!

 Getting up close and personal at the Red Wood National Forest. These trees are 2,000 years old and absolutely massive!  

 if you’re going to San Francisco / Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair… 

Classic San Francisco weather greets us on the Golden Gate.

Ritual Roasters revisited. One of the four cafés that we ventured out to on our café tours of SF. Located on Valencia Street in the Mission. It was nice to visit again as the last time I was there, it was under renovation.  

The first cafe we visited. Located in SOMA (South of Market). It was massive and hosted a roasters, as well as an affogato bar and two espresso machines.

St. Frank’s. Located on Polk Street in Russian Hill. The last cafe visited (not pictured) was Four Barrels. Also located on Valencia, yet another Cafe revisited.  

Prior to hitting Bishop from San Francisco, we ventured out to Yosemite through winding roads to make our pilgrimage to El Capitan. It definitely did not disappoint. The park was not only magnificent, but seeing The Nose, Dawn Wall and Half Dome was amazing. It’s hard to believe that many legendary climbers once ascended those walls- some without the safety of ropes! Others, think Lynn Hill, Kevin Jorgeson and Tommy Caldwell, freed areas previously thought impossible to do. As we leave Yosemite Valley, I leave with the inspiration to climb hard and to think that maybe someday, I’ll be returning to climb. 

The Nose on El Capitan! We made the pilgrimage. It was definitely a sight to see. 

  “The Nose” in all it’s glory.

 Half Dome at Yosemite. 

View of Half Dome from Olmsted Point. 


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