Nevada: the silver state


Buttermilks, Bishop. It’s been an adventure…off to Red Rocks! Reposted via Instagram @celinash__

Injured or not, this seemed to have no effect on our climbing. The day immediately after, we had plans for a rest day, but a spontaneous decision half way through the day changed the course of our activities. Laura had jokingly told me that I could boulder and she could be my cheerleader. I initially did not take to the idea, but after a couple of hours at the local café, decided that climbing was to happen. 

Unfortunately, most of our time at Bishop was not at the Gorge as Laura was unable to hike down to the crags due to her injury. However this meant I was able to sample some of the world class bouldering that Bishop hosts. The reminder of our time was spent at the Buttermilks, bouldering easy routes in which I wouldn’t need a spotter. Climbing fairly easy problems was still scary nonetheless as some problems were 15-20 feet high. The stop in Bishop was not exactly what we hoped for, but we were able to sample different areas surrounded by natural beauty. We’ll have to come back to Bishop to explore the other crags within the Owens River Gorge.

Forever loving the blue skies of Bishop. Reposted via Instagram @celinash__

  Iron Man Traverse, Buttermilks

From Bishop, we drove through extreme heat to intense winds, to avoiding oncoming semi-trucks, to a rain storm with flash flood advisory and to witnessing a fatal accident. We were finally at our final destination: Nevada, for Red Rocks.  Final destination made!   

Bette enroute to Nevada. 
Las Vegas and the surrounding areas were currently going through a heat wave. This meant that some of the days we climbed, we were climbing in 41C….hot! I finally understood what it meant to be loopy and dehydrated in the desert, while passing in and out of consciousness on the ride home. It was….an experience to say the least. 


 Laura, the explorer doing her thing.     

Our approach into the crags.  

The rocks here are made of sandstone and feel softer in comparison to Smith Rock or the Owens River Gorge. The style here is more of what I’d consider to be my style. Slightly overhung, on the shorter side with many good crimps, huecos and on the more powerful side, as opposed to being incredibly footwork and technique driven. 

 The beauty that is Red Rocks. Reposted via Instagram @celinash__

Laura’s ankle hasn’t recovered as quickly as we had hoped. The swelling and pain has since subsided slightly, but she has lost some range of motion and cannot adequately put weight on it. This unfortunately meant that she: a) could only top rope (climb with the rope already set up) and b) top rope only routes that had a good amount of foot holds- many of the routes had none. She was able to climb one fun route, with the hopes of getting on at least one more before we leave.

We plan to start driving home in a couple of days. On the way to Nevada, Bette encountered some problems, in the form of her “check engine” light turning on. It has since turned off, but we have decided that instead of going along the smaller and quieter freeway through Nevada, we would head to Utah and hit the Interstate. In the event that something were to happen to Bette, we’d have a better chance of getting help, in comparison to the many ghost towns we passed enroute from Bishop. From there we plan on making a stop in Zion National Park, head to Idaho, and from there, Oregon and Washington, and finally Vancouver.

The last couple of weeks have been a complete whirlwind. I cannot believe that the road trip is almost over. In many ways, I believe we did this at the perfect time- away for the (wet?) Spring and back when the climbing season is at it’s best in Squamish. This trip has only strengthened my knowledge in the fact that the only way I can really travel is having climbing interlaced. I can only look forward to what’s next to come, but for now, I enjoy the rest of my time on the road. 

 Made a stop on the Vegas strip….

Which was promptly followed by reliving our childhood at the Coca cola store for ice cream floats. 


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