Those Road Trip Blues

Day 3 in Red Rocks

Four days later, we were finally back in Canada. Our return trip was just as eventful as our trip down to Nevada. Instead of heading home the way we arrived, we decided to take the interstate through Utah and Idaho. Laura has been to both Idaho and Utah, on a previous road trip. However, I have never ventured out to those states before, nor did I have any foreseeable plans in the future to do so. Returning home this way was incredibly eye opening. Both states took me by surprise, simply because they were both so beautiful.

On the road

Best part about being vagabond…picking random destinations along the way and exploring… Reposted via Instagram @celinash__

Much like our drive from Oregon to California, the first day of driving from Nevada to Utah was gruelling. We drove for about 10 hours and covered 500-600 miles or 700-800 kilometres. This was most definitely my introduction to long haul driving. Through the driving we did, we encountered many things we never would have seen had we not been on the road. We experienced travelling in a thrilling and eye opening way.

Our last planned destination heading out of Nevada was to visit Zion National Park, in Utah. Unfortunately, when we got to Zion, we were not able to enter the park due to it being overwhelmingly busy. It turns out that one day for that national park was not enough, we’ll have to come back on our next trip.

So close yet so far. The closest we got to stepping foot inside the park. If only there was more time, exploration will have to wait until the next road trip…
Reposted via Instagram @celinash__

Utah’s finest. Found this little gem at a Walmart in a small town near Salt Lake City. Label on the back claims that this is Utah’s second favourite vice…what could their first one possibly be?? Reposted via Instagram @celinash__

Camped at the Bruneau Sand Dunes in Idaho!

Enjoying the view of the sand dunes and the sinking sun on top of Bette.
Sand dunes in Idaho, who woulda thunk it.

Sand dunes at sunset!

Enroute to Oregon from Idaho.

Snake River in Idaho.

The rest of our journey home consisted of lots of driving (no brainer), camping in various states and environments (that was cool) and being feasted on by various mosquitos (not fun). The trip down with Bette proved to be successful, however, a few improvements are needed. The one problem we encountered while camping in Bette was the lack of mosquito netting. This became a problem, as there were a couple of nights we camped and had our windows open, only to have a dozen or so mosquitos visit us in the middle of the night. Over a dozen bites later, it was a tough lesson learned in mosquito proofing our mobile home.

The plan now? To enjoy the summer in Squamish, climbing to our hearts content. Laura and I have talked about our next adventure already, and it’s looking like California, Utah and Colorado are the next destinations. There’s plenty of climbing to be explored and we hope to do so as soon as possible. As for international destinations, Thailand, Spain and Greece are high on the list. Travelling, unfortunately, will be on hold for now as I enter an intensive two year program this September. We plan on doing side trips when possible, but will be holding off on any larger travel plans. For now, we work through our road trip blues and continue to live adventurously where possible. It’s been one hell of a ride and I eagerly await the next adventure.

Vagabond. Climbing destinations visited thus far.

Aint nothing but the open road and endless possibilities. The bittersweet taste of being home bond…lingers. Working on plans for the next adventure. Reposted via Instagram (@celinash__

Road trip blues. Off the road for now, but forever on an adventure with this one. Reposted via Instagram @celinash__


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