Déjà Vu: Australia Revisited


Revisiting Oz again, two years later. Why?

It’s funny how feelings about places can change, I left Oz a couple of years ago, Sydney in particular, and had this feeling of discontent. Of not enjoying it there. Crazy isn’t it? One of the most breathtakingly, beautiful countries and I didn’t enjoy it all that much. There were a number of factors that played to this. When I first left for Australia, over two years ago, I was fresh faced, and ready to explore the world. The dream of travelling long term was finally happening. What I never intended was meeting someone months before I was due to leave, this eventually led me to coming home early. Hindsight is 20-20 and looking back now, in many ways, I do regret coming back so early- yet in many other ways- I have no regrets. Coming home early, allowed me to experience one of the most beautiful relationship and friendships I’d ever been in. I was able to be a part of something that some people have never been lucky enough to experience, and I’ll forever be grateful for that. It also helped me figure out my career path and set me on the path that Im pursuing now…this insane and crazy registered massage therapy program.

I recently finished term three, of five terms, and I can say that this term has been the most difficult and challenging one to date..even more challenging than my first term. Schooling wise, it hasn’t been too bad, there’s been enough time and space to study for exams and you do end up in some sort of groove. On a personal level, it’s a much different story. Term three has been the darkest, most frustrating, challenging and heartbreaking of terms. There were days I flirted with dropping out of the program, and other days where I thought I’d fail the term I was in. They say that break ups can be like you’re mourning a death of some sort. I suppose in many ways I was, I was mourning the loss of a partnership, and a friendship. To do that in addition to an accelerated and intense program was incredibly difficult. Attempting to stay present and on top of things- a challenge, to say the least. My solution- travel, revisit Oz. I wanted to see how I’d like Sydney this time around- circumstances were different, I felt open to revisiting the place where my travels as an adult first began, my best friend and brother were both there. and I was on a break from school. There was no better time to go then now.

Six hours into my eighteen hours of travel, I’ve come to the realization that I felt like I was going home. Hearing the Aussie accents as I boarded the second leg of my journey, from San Francisco, it was familiar and reassuring. The plan this time around, is to be in Oz for about three weeks.  I have no concrete plans, as to what will happen. Just going with the flow and seeing where it’ll take me. All I know for sure, is that I’ll be travelling Melbourne for a weekend and seeing the New Zealand All Blacks play.

Travelling on my own again has been liberating, and has been a good reminder of why I had wanted to travel on my own the very first time around. Sitting in my aisle seat, with the darkness of the cabin surrounding me, typing away, I felt like that excited, fresh faced 23 year old from two years prior. It’s just a case of déjà vu. I look forward to all the exploration to be done in Australia.


Dèjá Vu in Sydney. Eighteen hours of travelling later, arriving at 7am…there was much to be re-explored. Day one.

Aussie cafés revisited, it’s been a pleasure.

Getting up early on a Sunday morning to pick my sorry butt up from the airport, guess he deserves some kind of awesome sibling award.

Goat cheese, Japanese squash, Sprouts, Seeds and a Soft Boiled egg. Breakfast of champs.
2/3 Obnoxious cows. Just missing you, Nat!
Got a modelling gig with Kayla, in front of none other than the Opera House and Harbour Bridge.
Happiness is…the feeling of liberation from travelling.


6 thoughts on “Déjà Vu: Australia Revisited

  1. Courtney McCullough says:

    Hey lady so glad you are feeling better and more excited about this trip! What a fabulous and fleeting time it was meeting you I do hope this time around in the land down under leaves you with a bigger heart and happiness. Big love solo sista. X

    1. celina says:

      Heya! Me too! Crazy what a couple of years away from everything can do for you. It was most definitely a fabulous and fleeting time when we met! I hope you’re still travelling, somewhere around this crazy world! Thanks for messaging, hopefully I’ll see you around.

    1. celina says:

      Aww Trine, you’re too kind. Thank you for checking it out! You know, there’s no better way to live than as genuinely and authentically as possible..in all aspects of this crazy journey known as life ❤

  2. nah, i am just telling it as i see it! 🙂 (sorry about the redundancy of my two replies – it took me a while to figure out to comment on your blog!)

    i agree with you sister! one hundred percent. being authentic and true to one’s self is the way to be. i can’t wait to read about your next adventure or your thoughts on life!!

    love ya! xo

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