Aussie Aussie Aussie- Oi Oi Oi

It’s only been four days, but much has already been seen and done. Coming down, I knew that the first week would consist of a lot of solo exploring, as both Trev and Kayla were busy with school. It’s mainly been getting re-acquainted and re-exploring the city I travelled in a couple of years ago. The first four days have largely consisted of cafes, climbing, randomly picking a direction of the city to wander in, and ending up in a cool and different part of town. All just going with the flow. It’s been an interesting process- seeing so many familiar sights, yet feeling excited, in awe and refreshed all at the same time. Australia is truly a beautiful country, something I finally truly recognize and appreciate. I can definitely say that Im really enjoying my time in Sydney- a much different outlook compared to the last time I was here. Time away from a place really can give you perspective. I knew if I came back and visited Straya, one of the things I had wanted to do differently was to try and be as present as possible. The last time I was here, I felt way too connected online- to the point of feeling like I was back at home when I wasn’t- physically I was in Oz, but mentally, I was back at home. So far so good, it’s only been four days, but it’s been pretty amazing thus far…

Cafés visited so far include:

Devon Cafe (posted about in the last post)

Single Origin Roasters

located on 60 Reservoir Street, Surry Hills

All about that attention to detail. The coffee was great. I asked for a pourover and was given three selections, all three selections were exotic and not from places I’d normally had coffee from. I asked the server to let the barista choose a pourover for me, as I was feeling adventurous. The end result: a Costa Rican coffee, so named El Con-Quistador. The coffee had notes of stone fruit, cherry and dark chocolate…it was sweet, yet slightly under extracted in my opinion, but other than that it was incredibly tasty. Notes of dark chocolate were really quite prevalent, awesome!

Edition Coffee Roasters

Unsuspecting entrance to an interesting, minimalist cafe. Their brunch menu was alternative and different- a fusion of Nordic and Japanese elements.

With all the hype surrounding their coffee, I have to say I was disappointed. The pour over tasted roasty, possibly over developed?

Open kitchen and bar concept, a trend that appears popular here.

Being away from home-well this gave me no excuse not to stay on top of my climbing! Thus, a visit to 9 Degrees Bouldering was needed.

“Bouldering makes you happy!” Yes, yes it does. Thank you for the reminder.

The gyms in Vancouver need to catch up to speed with the Aussie gyms. Espresso machines at gyms would generate TONS of business….most likely all from me…

Gotta say, Im definitely spoiled with the gyms and route setting back at home.

Moving along….I was able to bug Trev on some of the days he had off. He’s becoming more and more of a local and took me to some pretty cool places, such as Spice Alley. Refer to exhibit A.

Exhibit A

Trev had told me that we would be going to a food court for dinner. Not going to lie,  where Im from-well quite frankly the food courts are terrible and so I was some what skeptical about the food, that was until I saw the “food court”, also known as Spice Alley. Spice Alley consisted of a number of different Asian fast food-like take out joints. The remainder of the complex had seating for patrons.

We opted for Malaysian, Mee Goreng, Nasi Goreng and Chicken wings.


Day four had me gorging on a feast of seafood from Sydney’s Fish Market. It was one of the most expensive, yet amazing experiences I’ve had. The Fish Market reminded me a lot of Granville Island, however, the only things that were sold was seafood. There were a number of joints in which you were able to purchase raw seafood, all to take home. Those same joints, had adjacent businesses that sold hot food, this was what we opted for.

This was kind of amazing. Fresh, raw oysters…ready for the taking.

What a stud. Happy as a clam-HA! See what I did there? Clam…get it? Get it?

At close to $80, we had lobster, chips, calamari, squid rings, a dozen fresh oysters and three amazing cheese, scallop delicacies. What a feast, expensive yet worth every penny.

Random explorations? Check. Picking a direction and following through has been fairly successful. This usually entailed leaving a café and walking in a random direction, this has led me to Darling Harbour as well as Oxford Street, Sydney’s gayborhood.

The Chinese Friendship Garden. A view from outside. Enroute to Darling Harbour.

Darling Harbour

Oxford Street. Sydney’s gayborhood, complete with their very own Stonewall Hotel- a nod to the riots of ’69 in Manhattan.20160816_11133320160816_105622
Wanders to the Barangaroo Reserve was beautiful. The Barangaroo Reserve is located on the North-Western tip of Sydney’s CBD (central bureau district), and is one of the newest editions to the city. It’s close to the body of water hugging the Circular Quay and is quite the spectacle.

I happened to be at the Barangaroo Reserve while they were show casing different sculptures.

Imagine. Inspire. Explore. Travel. Take it any way you want. Rad vibes all around, whilst wandering and exploring Barangaroo.


Exploring Barangaroo, I encountered a few different sculptures. Beautiful against the backdrop of sunny, clear, blue skies.

At the entrance to the Barangaroo Reserve. I was greeted with two very interesting sculptures. A chimney and a window….I can’t speak to the symbolism behind the work, however, I can say that it was pretty neat.20160817_140422

With views like this and amazing “winter” like weather (which I personally find laughable. It was a balmy 25C on this day and I was probably the only one in the city wearing shorts and a tank top. And yes, I was starred at, with people thinking I was crazy-HA!) why would you want to spend your time writing anywhere else?


2 thoughts on “Aussie Aussie Aussie- Oi Oi Oi

  1. oh darling! this is wonderful. i absolutely love your blow by blow accounting of your trip. i feel as if i am your tiny little trine fairy perched on your shoulder as you explore. i love it!! and of course, your quirky sense of humour is delightful. i found myself laughing out loud. your blog brought a smile to my face this morning. love ya kiddo!!!!!! keep doing what you are doing. 🙂 xoxo

    1. celina says:

      😀 That was the point of this whole blog when I first started! It made it much easier updating everyone. Easier than repeating (and missing parts of) my travels. Teehee, hey- the blog had to capture my personality, sass and charm 😉 Glad you found this an entertaining read- that’s also the point of it all, don’t wanna bore ya’ll!

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