Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined.

Thank you to Mr. Henry David Thoreau for that all inspiring quote. Following your dreams confidently and without fear- things I strive for in terms of my travelling and well- in life in general. I must say that being able to have a redo button for Oz has been an experience that Im grateful for. The trip to Oz this time around has been filled with new experiences, and new sights seen.

Bondi to Coogee
The Bondi to Coogee Walk is an incredibly popular and fairly easy walk along the coastal line. Unfortunately for us, parts of the walk were destroyed due to heavy floods, two months prior. This meant that the route was redirected and we weren’t able to walk the coast line. The walk was still beautiful- just different.

Just taking in the breath taking beauty of it all. Starting at Bondi.

Short Stop Coffee & Doughnuts
Prior to leaving for Oz, I was told by a local barista to check out Short Stop, as an old barista buddy now worked there. Short stop was amazing, if you’re from Vancouver- think 49th Parallel & Lucky’s Doughnut’s. The café is located in Barangaroo and, like many third wave cafés, has a minimalist feel, as well as great coffee. Apart from Single Origin Roasters, I think this was my favourite spot for coffee, as they use Market Lane Coffee- they’re from Melbourne. 
The doughnuts were okay in my opinion. Coming in anywhere from $4.50-$6 for a single doughnut, it was a bit steep in price for my taste. I opted for the Ricotta Cheesecake(?) doughnut, whilst my partner in crime opted for the Boston Cream-how boring 😉

She couldn’t wait…whatta pig *oink*

The Grounds of Alexandria Coffee Roasters
This was by far one of the most impressive and alternative cafés I’ve had the pleasure of visiting. Located on Alexandria street, this 
market-café used to be the home of a pie factory. Established in 2012 as a sanctuary for caffeine fiends and foodies alike. I found out about this café from Kayla, more specifically, I was messaged photos of this place along with a description of it via whatsapp while I was back home. Upon arriving, she mentioned it again, and I knew I had to check it out.
Littered throughout the outdoor portion of the café were a couple of carts- all designed as if you were in a market place- selling goodies, from fresh croissants to nutella filled doughnuts. I opted for a delicious apple pastry.

The café had a proper adjacent market located within the grounds. Live music included.

Qantas Wallabies vs The New Zealand All Blacks
Yes! We’ve even attended a rugby match! Kayla and I jokingly commented on how we were only really there to watch the All Blacks perform their haka. Don’t know what a haka is?
Check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PptTeyYShdw
Seeing it live was pretty amazing. We of course stayed for the duration of the game. The All Blacks creamed the Wallabies 48-8. Getting to and from the game was another experience in itself. If you think Canucks’ fans are die hard, you clearly haven’t seen a proper game with 60,000 or so fans- spilt between supporting the All Blacks and the Wallabies.

The game was played in ANZ stadium- the same stadium used during the Sydney Olympics. I was told that when there isn’t a game on, it’s usually a ghost town there.

Kudos to Nick for grabbing awesome seats for us.

South Head and Manly Beach
Two years ago, I had first checked out Manly Beach and absolutely fell in love with it. We decided to make the most out of the trip to Manly, and checked out South Head on the same day, as the forecast for the rest of the week called for rain.
Don’t be deceived by that smile…Kayla was unimpressed with the kids sitting behind her.
Start of the day, headed out to South Head from Circular Quay.

Enroute to the famed South Head view point.

The view from above. South Head view point.

We took the fast ferry from South Head to Manly Beach! At $7.50 for the ride, it was well worth every penny as I had my personal entertainer in the form of Kayla. She’s had a cuppa joe, can you tell?

4 Pines Brewing Company
No trip to Manly was complete without a visit to the brewery there! I’ve visited this brewery on my last trip down and loved it there. The beer is quite good, the trip there was even better with some rad company. Trev spent half the day studying and met up with us in Manly. The best kind of evening was found here: unexpected. They had a live musician and so we were jamming to a night of r&b and soul. What started off as a casual night of burgers and drinks, turned into an extended stay at 4 Pines.
I believe this burger was dubbed the Manly Mega Burger….or something to those effects. It came with doubled patties, cheese, veggies and some amazing sauce. I didn’t think I’d finish it, but demolished it fairly effortlessly with a good ol’ pint of their stout.

Everything’s just a little bit more magical at night. Our ride from Manly back into the city.

Royal National Park
I’d never heard of the Figure 8 Pools until recently. I was told that they could be found at the Royal National Park and so, naturally, I wanted to check it out. Unfortunately, the tides did not coincide with the times that we were planning on going. To see the pools, the tides must be low.
So instead, we bush walked our way to the Wedding Cake Rock, as well as the Little Marley Beach. This was a full on day that required total commitment. Located in Bundeena, this national park took us about two hours to get there and two hours to return home. It consisted of a private ferry to and from Bundeena. We bush walked for approximately 14-15 km, and ended up turning back at Little Marley Beach as the forecast called for rain. Clouds were rolling in and if we were to continue, our next destination would have been another 6 km- not ideal in the rain. I’ve always believed Sydney to be hot and sunny year round. That myth was busted today when the once sunny skies, turned grey and started to rain. A nasty wind picked up and that was all it took for me to freeze my tush off. Granted, I was in shorts…but let’s be honest, hikes (so called bush walks in Oz) are meant to be done in loose and mobile clothing!
Adventure is out there. Royal National Park explored.

The bush walk we did was very much close to the coast line.

One of the two beaches we bypassed. The most peaceful of beaches I’d every encountered here in Australia. The sand was the kind of white you’d only see in movies.

Spot the wallaby! The second time I’ve ever seen a wild wallaby.

Nick leading the hike. Photo Credit: Kayla.

Because life is best spent on an adventure. Photo credit: Kayla 


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