Blue Mountains, etc.

Pssstttt! Little known fact: Kayla reads my blog and openly admits to liking the “artsy fartsy” writing, that so frequents my social media (think: Instagram and said blog). As a result of this, she has so kindly reminded *cough nudged* me into writing another post. Her reasoning- which I suppose is valid to some degree- is that we’re headed to Melbourne this weekend! Which means! Not updating before the trip would result in a much longer recap. So here ya have it folks, said blog post before Melbourne. Round of applause to said bestie for such a great idea 😉 Read on for the next adventure…

Kayla turned the ripe old age of 26. Naturally we celebrated at Max Brenner’s- all things chocolate. None of that partying nonsense for us! Grandma got her hot chocolate on. She’s older and……wiser? Maybe a bit of a stretch 😛


Girl Mode On…
Unsuccessfully. I was persuaded to try curling my hair, as I have a wedding to attend to upon arriving home. No bueno- sorry Alex, I tried.

IMG-20160824-WA0004 (1)
Attempt uno. Refer to our facial expressions, Im sure that tells the whole story.

Can’t say we were super successful. I’d rather be doing anything than trying and “girl”. Kudos to the girls who do this everyday, cause I sure am not one of them hehe.

Ribs & Burgers
Such an original name. As the name states, this joint served none other than- ribs and burgers, surprise! I ordered The Aussie Burger. I have to say, the Aussies sure know how to make an amazing burger. This burger consisted of bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheese, a juicy patty and a pineapple ring. A mouth gasm- it was amazing. Trev ordered half ribs. It was okay, not great bang for your buck. Pretty sure I can speak for him when I say that he won’t be ordering that anytime soon.
Ready to chow down, and yes…indulging me in a photo.

Trev’s meal of half ribs and chips.

Cuckoo Callay & Newtown
Unfortunately this week here in Sydney really did live up to it’s reputation of having the potential for bad weather. I finally experienced a true Sydney winter in the form of “fuck you” weather- so named due to the fact that Sydney can experience weeks of torrential rain fall. We were expecting said weather on one of the days that we were planning on going to The Blue Mountains. The end result: taking it easy and having brunch in Newtown.
Cuckoo Callay was our brunch choice. I had wanted to experience Newtown in the best way possible- brunch.
An unpretentious café setting greeted us as we arrived. Perfect.

The menu was eccentric and amazing. Nick and I opted for the ReSPECT burger. This burger consisted of popcorn chicken, double smoked bacon, gruyère cheese and sauerkraut on a brioche bun. It was surprisingly light and delicious.

Trev and Kayla opted for the Bacon Mac Daddy. We were told that this was one of the popular items on the menu. This master piece consisted of double smoked bacon, mac n’ cheese, a poached egg, tomato relish on a toasted croissant. I had a bite of Trev’s brekkie, it was quite delicious, incredibly rich due to the mac n’ cheese though.

Black Star Bakery
A wander around Newtown ensued after Cuckoo Callay. I was told that I had to try this Strawberry watermelon cake that Black Star Bakery was known for. Upon first glance, I have to admit that I wasn’t interested. However, after a few bites, it quickly grew on me. I can imagine this as a summer favourite- light and refreshing.


Middle Head
Due to the volatile nature of the weather, we opted for walks that were in town and closer to home. This ensured our quick escape from any rainfall should the forecast prove correct. I’d never been to Middle Head before and didn’t know what to expect. It’s one of the urban walks that can be found close to Sydney. As with many of my other 
urban city walks, it was located close to the water. The morning was sunny and warm and as always- the walk and view was beautiful. Special thanks to Kayla and Nick for planning many of the bush walks and walks we’ve been on. Shout out to Trev- bud you need to see some of these sites.
The calm. Best for introspective awareness.

Views mid-walk through Middle Head.

With photos like this, you’d think this would be anywhere but close to the city.

Blue Mountains
Ah! The Blue Mountains. I’d visited this national park the first time I was in Australia. The visit this time around was much different. I didn’t embark on a difficult hike last time, however, this time I did. To get to the Blue Mountains, it took approximately 2.5 hours one way. This was an incredibly full on day of adventure. We hiked for about 18-19 km in total. For the peace, tranquility and views, that was worth every step.
On another note, rolling my ankle and smashing my hand onto a rock to steady myself wasn’t so much fun. But oh well- you can’t win them all…am I right??
In typical fashion, the directionally challenged team of Kayla and Celina got lost trying to find the start of the trail to Ruined Castle. BUT! In our defence, the start of the trail was quite obscure, this detour set us back 45 minutes to an hour, as we breezed through the Scenic Road- a nice and touristy walk. The number of stares we received were glorious. The temperature ranged from 1-11 degrees Celsius. Both Kayla and I were dressed in shorts and either a T-shirt or a tank top. Canadians for the win.

View enroute to Ruined Castle.

If I didn’t tell you where we were, you’d probably guess we were doing a hike in Squamish. How far from the truth that was, even though it felt like Vancouver-like temperatures. Myths that Australia is always hot, busted!

One of the many, many stair cases we took to get to the Valley floor.

“Oh the mountains ARE blue!” -Kayla recounting overhearing tourist’s conversations.

If you looked up here, it’d look like you could probably climb this area…

Definitely feeling right at home with these temps. Har har-NOT!
Photo Credit: Kayla

Gentle reminders. The start of our ascension to our final destination. Oh the stairs. So. Many. Freaking. Stairs. Returning from Ruined Castle was a workout in itself.

Over a decade of friendship later, apparently my company wasn’t good enough 😥 Hehe
We finally…FINALLY reached the top of Ruined Castle. I was hangry at this point and couldn’t wait to demolish my lunch. Kayla on the other hand, was too busy talking on the phone- after freaking out about the fact that there was cell phone reception 😛

Heading back. Photo Credit: Kayla

The Blue Mountains. Such an incredibly beautiful place. This sight never gets old.
Photo Credit: Kayla

The famed Three Sisters. The iconic rock formation that many tourists flock to see. Still as incredible to see as the first time. Photo Credit: Kayla

All smiles. As they say “jobs fill your pocket, adventure fills your soul.” Adventure does indeed fill your soul. Compared to the last break from school, this has been the much needed brain break. I end this week with a full heart and soul. Photo Credit: Kayla

It’s not about the destination, but about the journey. After a 9 km bush walk, destination Ruined Castle was finally arrived at. And boy- was it worth every step. If you’re willing to embark on such a hike, you’ll be well rewarded with the beautiful 360 degree view of the Blue Mountains- valley and all. Estimating at a grand total of 18-19 km of hiking for the day, it’s been a full day of adventure. It’s easy to hate the process and journey to get to where you need to go. But you end up humbled for it in the end. Photo Credit: Kayla.



2 thoughts on “Blue Mountains, etc.

  1. a big thanks to kayla to ‘helping’ you to continue with your blog! i love it. i love the pictures. and i love you!! it is wonderful to see how happy you are. 🙂 xoxo

    1. celina says:

      Hehe. I don’t think she was too impressed with the intro, but that’s alright 😂aww thanks Trine. Travelling is just what the doctor prescribed, me thinks.

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