Déjà Vu: Melbourne Edition

“If I haven’t already said this…you look at home.” Words spoken from none other than my bestie of 13 years.

Thus the affirmation of why I think chances are- I could probably move to Melbourne and never look back. Okay let’s be honest, I do have a few reservations about moving to Melbourne. First and foremost, IT’S FREAKING COLD!!! What is this?! I didn’t travel down to Oz to experience weather similar AND cooler than Vancouver! A Melbourne winter is much cooler than Sydney, it had us coming off the plane and bundled up with all our clothing. Insanity for Australia I say! So really…it’s just the cold that I had issues with. Other than that, it’s a fair assessment to say that I could call this home for the long term. I’ve spoken about this in previous posts: the first time I was here, I left my heart here. Not much has changed since.

Coming back to Melbourne, two years later, was like a home coming. Melbourne is the culture, foodie and coffee capital of Australia- and with good reason. Street art that can be found in Hosier Lane, fashionable Melburnians, cafés and coffee to be found on every corner, it was a paradise. There were no shortage of amazing brunch joints, as well as cheap and easy Asian meals. The foodie and coffee connoisseur in me was screaming with joy. A weekend trip to my favourite Australian city was complete with hitting one of my bucket list items: exploring The Great Ocean Road. It was an incredibly short- yet very sweet trip. Melbourne, you’re still rad and Im still very much in love with you.

Early Bird Gets the Worm..?
Thanks to Kayla (who booked the tickets) we were to make the most of our three days in Melbourne with an early morning flight. Not looking too bad for a 7am flight, I’d say!

Fancy flights taken on Virgin Australia airlines.

Brighton Bathing Houses
The last time I was in Melbourne, I somehow missed out on the Brighton Bathing Houses- the brightly coloured huts found on Brighton Beach. It was a sight not to be missed and so on our first day, we trekked out to see those famous little huts.
Enroute to Brighton Beach. What a loner, he didn’t want to sit with the cool kids apparently 😉

The Famous Brighton Bathing Houses.
Supposedly these cute little huts can be yours, all for the low low price of a minimum of $100,000 AUD. Chump change for a beach hut…right?!
Tourists galore! Aparently we weren’t the only ones who decided to make the trek out.

All that cheese. Attempts at taking cheesy photos. Great. Success. Photo Credit: Trev

“Just stand…right there” -Trev, on instructing me where to stand for said photo
Photo Credit: Trev

Candid shots. Photo Credits: Trev

Foodie Adventures
No trip to Melbourne would be complete without a food and café tour. We ended up hitting up a number of cafés and even sampled what Melbourne’s night life had to offer. All in all, it was a glorious weekend full of eating, drinking and general merriment.

Hammer & Tong
Naturally, I had a number of cafés I had wanted to visit upon our arrival to Melbs. First on the list was Hammer & Tong. Located on Fitzroy street (think Main street in Vancouver), Fitzroy was the place I spent the most time in when I was here last. Chic boutiques and cafés, all with a general air of independence- sign me up!

I opted for the breakfast ramen. Bacon, mushroom, spring onion with bacon dashi. It was pretty tasty. Slightly on the salty side, but not bad none the less. I liked the deviation from traditional eggs bennie, toast, eggs and all that traditional brekkie.

Long black (essentially a glorified 6 oz americano).

Industry Beans
Winner of the 2014 best new café, it was a must try. Also located on Fitzroy, albeit, slightly hidden. It would appear that you had to know it existed before actually getting there. The interior of the café was beautiful. Minimalist, modern and chic, with a roastery located within the café. It made for excellent people watching.
Kenyan pourover. I sampled the coffee (pourover and espresso) and decided to forego food for the cause. It was an excellent decision…that didn’t stop me from sampling the food at the table though. Refer below.

The impressive coffee rubbed wagyu burger. Chilli jam, cheddar, pickles on a brioche bun and served with heirloom tomato salad. Trev’s “brunch”. His assessment of the burger…it was worth $23, the salad tasted “too healthy”.

If looks could kill, I’d be dead. Trev snacking at Proud Mary’s.

Our sampling of a crazy Melbourne night out. A gem of a bar, so named Bartronica due to the fact that this bar was home to many vintage games- think Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo, Gamecube and countless vintage games from my childhood. In those couple of hours that I was there, I was whisked back to being eight and playing all my favourite games. It was a fantastic night of nostalgia complete with beer drinking.
Outdoor patio included.

How awesome is this?! I mean, how many bars can you dress this casually and play video games?

A child of the 90s, for sure. My childhood, all on one stand.

Time Crisis. Wow. I remember playing this eons ago, always teaming up with Trev and battling the bad guys. Amazing how such a seemingly simple game, could keep us occupied and entertained for hours on end. If only life as an adult were that simple and easy *cue the maniacal laughter

Actual arcade games. I feel like Im dating myself. Yenno, because back in my day…kids didn’t own a small computer tablet like thing in which you could play games.

The Great Ocean Road
No words can do this mini road trip through Victoria justice. The Great Ocean Road has been one of those bucket list items that have been on my list for some time. I didn’t have the chance to explore this natural wonder the last time I was in Melbourne, and was determined to explore it this time around.
Loc Ard Gorge. One of the many natural scenic stops.

Small boulders along the beach of the Loc Ard Gorge.

I was incredibly excited to see The Twelve Apostles. I’d seen so many photos and couldn’t wait to see them in person. To think that all of this was the work of mother nature, it was an incredible sight.

Two of the twelve Apostles- well nine now due to erosion of three of the Apostles’.

The Apostles. View from the opposite side.

Gibson Steps. During low tide, you can walk down a set of stairs to a sandy beach. This allowed for an even closer view of the Apostles.

Family road trip! Kayla with her adopted baby brother.

Gibson Steps. Candid shots from Trev.

The Twelve Apostles. Photo Credit: Trev

Bay of Islands. Located past Port Campbell. Photo Credit: Trev

London Bridge (is falling down, falling down). Story has it that these two separate masses, used to be attached at one point. Due to erosion, massive parts of the bridge broke off, stranding two tourists as they were exploring. They were stranded for a couple of hours before a helicopter took them to safety.

Cheese! We found the Grotto!

*insert comment. The Grotto with your hosts, Kayla and Nick.

Hosier Lane
Street art at it’s finest. Hosier lane, located in the heart of Melbourne’s cbd.  Where street artists come to showcase their art, and in many cases, make a political statement. Spotted many a times, were jabs at Trump. I have to admit that I was somewhat disappointed this time. The last time I was exploring Hosier Lane,  I felt that there were larger pieces. This time around, there appeared to be a lot more tagging from graffiti artists, rather than separate works of art.
Home in Melbourne. Yes it is.

Too true.

Signed off by…Banksy? Or not…

Wanders Around Melbourne
We ended off two fantastic days with a low key day of exploring the urban beauty of the city.
The Yarra River.

The view form Southbank. Flinders station ahead.

Exploration along the Yarra River.

Taking a break  from all that exploration. Some taking it easier than others *Im looking at you Kayla! Photo Credits: Trev

Melbourne, it’s been a blast. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again, you’re rad and Im still hopelessly in love with you. I’ll be back one of these days…Ciao! For now.




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