Collect Memories. Not Things.

-Last Thoughts on Oz-

What goes up, must ultimately come down. I embarked on this trip to Australia seeking refuge and comfort in the form of travelling and adventure. Ultimately, I got what I sought and it’s been an amazing journey. As I’ve mentioned in many posts, this trip down under has been a redo of sorts for me. I had my regrets when I first left Australia much too early, years ago. Leaving so early has haunted me for the past couple of years. It’s easy to try and get past it, but you never truly forget what has happened, especially if it’s something you’ve dreamed of doing. Travelling long term was a dream of mine for a number of years. As a child, seeing family and friends travel to incredible places and return with such amazing experiences and stories was the catalyst of inspiration for me. It’s the reason why I wanted to travel in the first place. Being able to finally fully explore parts of Australia, I feel as if I’ve completed some unfinished business, from two years prior.

Beach during low tide at Gibson Steps on The Great Ocean Road. Nick and Trev exploring. Seems a wee bit surreal.

Being so caught up in other aspects of life, travelling internationally had been placed on the back burner for a while. This short but sweet trip was a much needed reminder of my love for exploring and wandering new places. It has been both inspiring and invigorating to do something I feel I’ve lost touch with. Experiencing this alone and with loved ones, was the needed brain break from the chaos that was the start of 2016. Crossing off a bucket list item, in the form of exploring The Great Ocean Road, was incredible. No words can describe the awe I was in. Photos are one thing, but it never compares to the experience. For me, experiencing it acted as an important reminder to stay inspired and to stay curious. There’s a huge, wide world out there and I haven’t even scratched the surface of it. Im so excited to see where my travels take me next.

I’ll admit it. Sitting on the plane from Sydney to San Fran, I realized I was missing Oz already. Crazy seeing as I just left…guess I was also missing this dork (already).

The day before my scheduled return home, I was asked if I was excited about going home. Truthfully, I have mixed feelings. Returning home meant going back to the grind- the normalcy of daily life. This meant I wasn’t exploring and wasn’t adventuring in the best way I know possible- through travelling. However, returning home also meant that I was to commence the next school term, thus bringing me that much closer to finishing the madness of my program. It also meant that I was continually moving forward in my chosen path and growing- isn’t that what it’s all about- to continuously grow as a person? I cannot imagine staying stagnant. There’s too much life to live and to explore. It’s funny how life works. How you imagine things to play out for you, instead, it can go completely wrong. What determines your success and strength, is how you bounce back. Do you break? Or do you come back a stronger and much more knowledgeable person? It’s been quite the journey, one that’s still in progress.

Life’s a lot richer when you have people who are as crazy as you to share the memories with.

For now, I return home to finish school and to write my board exams. From there, Im not entirely sure where my (life) journey will take me; all I know for certain, is that I’ll finally achieve a career in something I’ve always been interested in- health care. Where will my next international travels be? Well- Greece and Spain come to mind. Both these countries have been at the top of my bucket list for many years now. This trip down under has also re-affirmed the knowledge that climbing is an integral part of my travels (and my life!). I foresee a climbing trip to either Greece or Spain post-school life. At the present moment, I’ll have to stay curious and inspired.

Life is a beautiful adventure, with so much more growing, living and exploring to be done. It’s not necessarily about the destination, rather the journey to get there. I look forward to every step of that journey.

Staying forever curious and forever exploring.


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