Life Recap: A Different Kind of Adventure

Wow it’s been a while…

Exactly one year and five days short of my last entry. I was lying in bed, attempting to sleep but nothing was coming. The sleep that I so desperately needed whilst as a student was no where to be seen. Instead, all I could think about was a different kind of adventure- you know, the life kind- namely, my time in school and the last couple of years leading up to the position I currently am in now….thus this is where my entry begins.

Lately, I’ve been thinking and marvelling at how so many conflicting feelings can be at play. One year ago, I was in a much different position and it’s just crazy to think about- all that can be learned and experienced.

Since the last entry and over the past year, I:

*finally wandered over to Tofino

*successfully finished massage school and finally attained that elusive second piece of paper from school (*read diploma)

*mended a very broken heart and rediscovered what it means to trust and love again. thanks captain mac! ❤️

*studied my a** off for close to half a year in preparation for my board exams
*wrote my board exams
*attended an rmtbc seminar as a new grad
*interviewed at clinics

Not a bad way to spend 2017.

But…what now? The question that Im asked all the time. For now, I continue to climb


and await my board exam results. Provided things don’t work out the way I’d like them to (read a failing mark on said exams), it’s back to the drawing board for me and another couple of months of hard studying and a rewrite. But let’s stay positive and expect a good result. In that case, it’s grind time- time to finally make all that money that I so very desperately need (*also read, student loans, new climbing shoes and travelling money. Although my parents would like to say it’s probably for rent 😂. I say all of the above).

Time to buckle down, hustle and then leave for Europe, hopefully in the Spring of 2018. Where to, you ask. Currently, our sights are set on Morocco, Greece and Spain. For now, baby steps…patiently (let’s be real, not so patiently) awaiting those results.


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