In Search of Sandstone Quarry

If I were asked why I climb, I’d say this. I climb because of the adventures that come with climbing- think wandering to new destinations and attempting to find a new crag- I can honestly say that climbing has brought me to places I’d never imagine going to, but somehow ending up there because of it and I can say that every destination that I have travelled to or travelled through has been breathtakingly beautiful. I climb because of the incredibly genuine, authentic and down to earth people I meet whom share the same values on life as me. Finding people like this is no easy feat, especially in this high tech and materialistic world we live in. I could go on a whole tangent on this, but this is not the focus of today’s entry. Today’s entry will focus on one aspect of why I climb: new destinations and attempting to find a new crag.


Day three of our climbing in Red Rocks, Ali and I had grand plans of checking out a new area known as Sandman Quarry. There are a couple of different parking lots within the park that will allow you to get to different crags. The first two days (as well as the entirety of my last time in Red Rocks was spent in the second pullout. This time we thought we’d check out the third parking lot with Sandman Quarry. Our time here consisted of an hour and a half of bushwhacking. The combination of a less than stellar guide book, in addition to low to no maintenance of the trails led us empty handed with any climbing, and instead, a nice long “hike” as we wandered aimlessly around. It’s quite the shame as the climbing sounded stellar there, however after over an hour of searching and many close calls with having an eye taken out due to all the wild overgrowth, we called it quits. As Ali put it, we travelled the road less taken, and not everyone is as nutty as us 🙈 I guess she has a point, but life’s only truly interesting with some adventure in it. So what did we do instead? We hiked back to the car, took the rest of the scenic drive out of the park (as traffic was only one way), and drove to the second pull out. By this point, I was less than psyche about having spent time looking for a crag that seemed no where in sight and so we ventured to a trusty spot in The Black Corridor. Ali and I took it fairly easy, but I decided to try and push the mental game and pursued one of the harder climbs…..and still got shut down. It’s incredibly frustrating, especially when the physical aspects isn’t the issue. But I digress, it was the first route I truly pushed hard in the mental aspects. Sometimes it’s those little victories you have to take.


Our search on day 3 found us to be the only climbers…or anyone else for that matter…wandering around in search of the new crag.


In search of Sandstone Quarry. When the climbing guide uses a “mushroom” shaped boulder as a reference point. The f*ck is a mushroom shaped boulder!? Can YOU find it??


The first crag we found. We were suspect about how there was absolutely no chalk markings on the wall. This was the easiest route and logically, should be incredibly well travelled. It was not, and that led us to believe that this area wasn’t at all popular with climbers. We saw some foot prints in the sand but once it became overgrown, there was no signs that anyone else had been there.



High time for a break after trekking around with water and climbing gear and no obvious trails. Silver linings, it made for a great photography session 😂


It’s a rough life being a crag dog. We eventually gave up on our search of Sandstone Quarry and made it back to The Black Corridor. 


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